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Upcoming Events

Mon Apr 10 @12:00AM
2017 Ultimate Match Fishing
Tue Apr 11 @12:00AM
2017 Ultimate Match Fishing
Wed Apr 12 @12:00AM
2017 Ultimate Match Fishing
Thu Apr 13 @12:00AM
2017 Ultimate Match Fishing

About Us

Our Mission

Mayor Gary Louallen

As part of Rhea County Economic & Tourism Council, FishDayton.com's goal is to establish Dayton, TN, as "The New Bass Fishing Capitol in the South".  We are blessed to have a such a beautiful natural resource in Lake Chickamauga which has consistently produced some of the biggest bass in the country. Recognizing Lake Chickamauga's potential, Mayor Gary Louallen, has led the efforts in establishing Dayton as a stop on the biggest bass fishing tournaments in the world.

We are also very proud to have the full support of our community and local government. Our law enforcement agencies including Sheriff Mike Neal and the Rhea County Sheriff's Dept, Rhea County Homeland Security, and the Dayton City Police Dept provide tremendous support for event organizers and attendees.

Dennis Tumlin, George Thacker, Ron Travis, Gary Louallen, and Frank Welch From Left to Right: FishDayton.com Director - Dennis Tumlin, County Executive - George Thacker, State Representative - Ron Travis, Dayton City Mayor - Gary Louallen, and Dayton City Manager - Frank Welch
Dennis TumlinFishDayton.com Director

We want to thank you for visiting our site and encourage you to check out our amazing facilities. If you are a tournament or tour director, who would like to have an event in Dayton, please contact us. We are motivated in ensuring you have a successful event.